Range Rules

Tripoli Research Code

• NERRF strongly recommends the use of rail buttons for all HP rockets.

• All HPR fliers will be required to show proof of current certification level from TRA, NAR or CAR. Fliers will only be allowed to fly motors to their current certification level.

• There will be an M impulse limit at NERRF (10,240 ns total installed).

• NERRF will have a 12,000' Above Ground Level Waiver (12,500' Mean Sea Level) (To be confirmed for 2012). Expect to be required to present simulation data for "high performance" flights that may come close to the waiver. Any launch expected to exceed 5,000' AGL will require approval before launch. Notify the RSO during rocket check-in if your planned flight profile expects to exceed 5,000' AGL.

• Alcoholic beverages or controlled substances are NEVER permitted at any time on the launch field at NERRF. We enforce ZERO TOLERANCE!

• For all rockets 10 lbs and heavier, dual deployment recovery is recommended.

• No igniters are to be installed in high power engines prior to passing an RSO inspection. Igniters may be installed at the prep table or at the pads.

• Radio Control transmitters: RC transceivers are restricted at NERRF. You may only have one in your possession with permission of our Launch Director.

• Only biodegradable wadding is allowed, no fiberglass, etc.

• Do not recover any rocket that has landed in the launch area until the "all clear" has been given by the LCO.

• Double check all rocket construction. Be sure a recovery system is included in all rockets (i.e., parachute, tether lines, etc.). Recovery system should not be attached to any weak plastic tab on the nosecone. If you have any questions, please ask.

• The launch field is not a playground, pay attention to the LCO and STAND and LOOK when "HEADS UP" is announced!

• DO NOT try to remove any rocket that has landed on high voltage lines.

• Spectators are to remain behind the indicated areas ONLY and NOT beyond the flight line.

• Please keep any pets on the dirt roads and not on the sod, and clean up after them. This is a working farm and we must protect the farmers' interests.

• NERRF will have numerous LPR, MPR and HPR pads available organized into two range heads (one can be loading while the other is launching). There will also be several away cell pads with Unistrut and Extreme rails available. Hybrids are welcome, but you must supply your own GSE.

• The NERRF launch site is a large sod farm with several additional interconnected surrounding farms making for easy rocket recovery.

• NERRF 8 will be sponsored by METRA and will be an Independent (“Indy” format) launch. This means both Commercial and Research motors may be flown together (commingling). All rocket fliers are welcome!

• All adult fliers at NERRF must be members of METRA. Kids flying low power (G impulse and below) do not need to have a METRA Junior membership but there needs to be at least one adult METRA member in the family. If you are not a current METRA member please go to http://www.metrarocketclub.org/ and join.

• Fliers using RESEARCH motors must meet the standards outlined in the Tripoli Research Safety Code. Any propellant allowed under the TRA rules will be allowed at NERRF. Other propellant types will need to have prior approval before they may be authorized.


Ed Miller's Hershey Hug at NERRF 2005