NERRF 8 Featured Projects

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Gary Tortora

Rocket- 6" HELLFIRE

Scratch Built & Designed.

Height - 7.5 Feet.

Pad Weight - 36lbs.

Electronics - Redundant Missile Works RRC2 Mini's.

Main - Rocketry Warehouse Star Chute Large.

Drogue - TBD by weather.

GPS Tracker.

Motor - CTI M2250CS

Altitude - 9500'


Peter Waithe

"Family Affair"

LOC/Precision Big Nuke 3E

5.54" in diameter, 8 feet tall

On the pad weight: 28 pounds

Electronics: redundant PerfectFlight HA45K

Recovery: Drogueless at apogee, 8 foot main at 700 feet, 400 foot backup

Motor: M1297 White Lightning

Altitude: 9,000 feet

Peter Cadra

Hangar 11 upscaled SA-14 with modified booster

12 feet tall

7.5 inch diameter

55 lbs "on pad"

Aerotech M-1939W

dual altimeters

expected altitude 9500 feet

main at 1000 feet